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Tuesday April 23rd 2024
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Voices of the Past Volunteers Wanted

This year the Crown Hill Cemetery Association is celebrating its Veterans history as the focus of its ever growing popular festival and 7th annual Voices of the Past 2024.

This family fun event is done to pull the community together and learn a little bit about the residents in Crown Hill Cemetery and the foundation of the City's beginning. This intimate event also comes with plenty of general comradery over sausage on a stick among your neighbors near, far, and deep rooted Pasadenian's are often walking around sharing their stories.

As every year in order to pull off VOTP the event survives by asking our giving community for big favors keeping it fun in the front and party in the back. Ultimately striving for not only the overall success of VOTP but forever seeding the youth to want to volunteer and maintain the cemetery's heritage.

So looky here friends. To this year's venue we've added a spot for artistic volunteers to sing at VOTP in the genres of swing and boogie-woogie. If you can help us save the day please reach out to Sarah for the details at [email protected] or form at bottom.

But wait, there's more. We need you!

If you're not a singer and would be a better volunteer in other areas of the event we made a form below (you don't have to login).

Thank you kindly! CHCA crew

Monday February 19th 2024
Thank You for your donations!
  • Happy end of year with a big $227 restoration donation completed this campaign! Thank you so much Kathie!!! 🎆❤️
  • Yes sir! All the way out of Tennessee thank you so much for the $34 restoration donation Mark!!! 🍻
  • Yay! Closing out the week chalked full of love for the cemetery. Thank you so much for the $100 donation Erma! 💞
  • You are the best Nancy! Thank you so much for the $25 donation! ❤️🎉
  • CHCA is incredibly grateful for your generous headstone donation Karen ✨ $100 ❤️
  • Michelle, CHCA's heartfelt gratitude for your generous contribution of $100. 💗💗💗
  • Derrell 👉 your donation of $54 is greatly appreciated by all of us at CHCA! 🍻
  • Breaker 1-9 we just scored a $100 donation 👉 Thank you kindly Kathie! ❤️
  • Thank you Vernon! We appreciate you!!! $50 🍻
  • Thank you kindly for the $50 donation Chuck! 👍
  • Bianca we are grateful for your $300 generous donation! ❤️
  • Much appreciated for the restoration donation $100 Dolan and congrats on your new seat!
  • Yeah buddy! Thank you for the donation Thomas 👉 $250
  • Thank you for the 👉 $100 donation Norma! CHCA ❤️s you!
  • Thank you big time for your support Mike 😉 $100!!!
  • Thank you Cheryl 👉 You are the best $100!!!
  • Thank you so much Juan $10!!!
  • Thank you for your donation Mike you rock $200!!!
  • Your support for the historic Crown Hill Cemetery is going towards repairing badly damaged headstones. We appreciate you! ❤️
Update: Thank you everybody! Our first monument restoration campaign is complete. Currently we're mapping out kinks and a solid process to get it perfect. We'll be updating progress soon.

We are running a campaign asking for donations to rebuild headstones mainly in the Mexican Allotment. Some of the hand built ones, by brick, have fallen on hard times and it's currently out of our league to rebuild or repair.
Restoration Page
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