Countless Benefits

Pre-planning isn’t just something you do for yourself—it’s something you do your loved ones. By deciding on the details of your funeral now, you will save your family a lot of stress and heartache later.

What Steps Are Involved in Funeral Pre-Planning?

Here are just a few of the many benefits pre-planning provides:

  1. It removes financial and emotional burden from those you love most.
  2. It gives you a chance to personalize your funeral and make it a tribute to the life you lived. This is your last chance to make a statement to the people you love.
  3. It allows you to make your wishes known, so your family members won’t have to guess. The service can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish—and you can make certain it reflects your personal values.
  4. It eliminates uncertainty from your loved ones’ minds. They won’t be left wondering if they did the right thing.
  5. It eliminates emotional overspending from grief or guilt.
  6. It freezes costs at today’s prices and provides for significant savings.
  7. It protects your assets, including life insurance, so these investments can be used as they were intended—to provide for your loved ones
  8. It gives you time to ask intelligent questions, which will lead to smarter decisions.

Pre-planning may seem like a daunting task, but Crown Hill’s knowledgeable professionals can quickly and easily walk you through the process. As a combination cemetery and funeral home, we are positioned to address your funeral plans, your cemetery plans, or both. Call (800) 809-3366 to get started today.