Locate a Loved One

Our burial locator tool allows families and friends to find the resting place of their loved ones here at Crown Hill Cemetery. Please click here to find the final resting place of your loved one.

Genealogy Requests

Crown Hill Cemetery’s on-staff genealogist can provide families with information about their family’s heritage. Genealogical information for persons buried or entombed at Crown Hill Cemetery can only be attained if that information was provided to Crown Hill Cemetery at the time of death.

We can conduct genealogy searches at $5.00 per name, regardless of the amount of information found. To request a search, call (317) 925-8231. Genealogy requests will be answered by mail only and may take 4 to 6 weeks.

Click here to download our Genealogy Form.

Flower Placement Program

The Crown Hill Floral Remembrance Program helps you express your love on days special to your family throughout the year. Many families have found assurance knowing that their loved one will have flowers placed the memory of their loved one.

To enter the program, download our Flower Placement Plan Registration Form or call 317-925-3800 for more information.