Your First Year of Grieving is Hard Work

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Do you wonder if your grieving is normal? When will it end? How do you tell friends and family that you are hurting? We give support while you walk your grief journey. You do not need to be alone! We can help you understand what "normal" grieving entails. We give you gentle thoughts to help you through each day. This grief support comes directly to your e-mail box as well as your own private web page and online journal. Your grief journey is tailored to you and your needs.

We have partnered with Beyond Indigo to bring you in touch with a wider network of grieving people online. Beyond Indigo is a Forbes' Best Of The Web winner four consecutive years for providing comprehensive support to grieving individuals. As the web's leading source of information on grief, grieving, death, and dying with over 65,000 people visiting per month, Beyond Indigo offers detailed and heartfelt support combined with well-managed information. Grieving people know Beyond Indigo as the trusted online resource to experience, understand, and work through grief and loss.

What Will I Be Learning?

The program is set up to follow you as you walk your journey from the time of your loss to a year later. You will receive articles on a variety of issues related to grief throughout the year. Subjects range from What is Grief? to Returning to Work to The Anniversary of My Loss

What Comes To My E-mail Box?

You will know we are there with you each day. Just check your e-mail box each morning and you will find...

A Daily Affirmation: Thoughts are powerful. Use the thought of the day to help you stop dwelling on your loss for a moment or two.

A Weekly Item to Do: We tend not to want to do anything while we are grieving. We give you easy suggestions on how to do something to make you feel better for that week. An example would be watching a funny movie.

A Weekly Thought: Thinking is hard work when you are grieving. We help you focus your mind on simple thoughts that might help get your mind on the path towards healing.

A Monthly Article: Knowing what to expect is half the battle when you are grieving. Suddenly things might not look so scary if you know you are "normal". A topic is sent each month from the list above.

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